Saturday, October 20, 2012


because our coast is our future
a space we share with the many
now working loving and playing
and the many who will come after
working and loving and playing

because this is where we walked
this is where we swam
and the pictures taken here
beneath the riverbed
are lines to our anchor souls

because the ecos in our economies
is the same ecos as in our ecologies
and our not dwelling on this fact
lays waste to all homes of all things
that may be dwelling here

because this is where we walked
this is where we swam
and the pictures taken here
beneath the river bed
run right through our lotic souls

because our coast is our future
a space we will share with the many
now working loving and playing
and the many who will come after
working and loving and playing

Capital—we are coming
and we will defend our coast
link arms and defend our coast
sing this song to defend our coast
walk forward to defend our coast


Defenders—Tsleil-Waututh and
Squamish—Yinka Dene and
Wet’suwet’en—Sto:lo and
Gitxzan and Lubicon Cree
and so many more in this
unbroken line—and day and
night labourers nurses teachers
fishermen and foresters—bakers
baristas clerks and caterers—
grandmothers uncles nieces
and friends and acquaintances
who love and console us and
children gamers activists and
students and immigrants of all kinds—

Rise up—we are the people
come upon each other in
streets and on paths through
woods—in parks and alleyways
along piers on rocks overlooking
the sea and amongst the mottled
sides of rivers and streams and
in suburban back yards or the
middle of farms of modest size—
finding we compose a world
outside states corporate profits
or trade agreements and we rise
up together and we rise up
to defend our coast together

Friday, October 19, 2012


Defenders—rise up
lift this feeling
for Cormorant and Gull
Sandpiper and Dipper
Petrel Shearwater Grebe
and Bittern and Egret
Great Blue Heron
Kestrel and Killdeer
lift this feeling
for Wood Duck and
American Wigeon the
Scaup Elder Harlequin
and Hooded Merganser
Stellar’s Jay and Hutton’s
Vireo lift this feeling
for Spruce and
Sage Grouse Rock
Ptarmigan and Yellow
Warbler for the living
web lift Bald Eagle Raven
Barn Owl—rise up
Flicker Harrier Towhee
and Thrush—lift this
feeling for the freshets
for the forms loving flight

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Defenders we travel inland
along rivers and in and out
of streams knowing lotic
systems and unidirectional
flow—riffles glides and pools
the angle at which light strikes
leading to light lost to reflection

Knowing biofilm and water column
algae—moss and liverwort
knowing duckweed and water
hyacinth invasive hydrilla and
cattail tops emerging from
slow water and bladderwort
feeding on small captured organism

Knowing sinuosity and substrate
crayfish with their feather-like gills
salamander and trout and
oolichan and the riparian zone
with otter and beaver and mink and
wolf and bear midst salmon spawning
then alevin then parr then smolt 

Knowing especially the salmon and
bear and cedar and salmon cycling
nitrogen back from seas knowing
magnetoception and the names of
rivers salmon return to and this
circle is love and nowhere does it
include oil spilling from burst pipes

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Bull Kelp and Splitleaf Rockweed
consider Common Coralline Seaweed
and Staghorn Bryozoan consider
Sea Pan and Encrusting Bryozoan
consider Red Jelly Fish
and Crimson Anemone consider
Aggregating and Plumrose Anemone
consider White-plumed Buried
and Swimming Anemone consider
Fish-eating and Tube Anemone and
consider Tube Worms the Giant
Nudibank and Hudson’s Doris
and Yellowmargined Cadlina

See the waters ebbing and flooding
clear for centuries to come see
the play of light on and beneath
waves and the shape of shadow
and light on rock and sand beneath
surface—see Pacific Giant Octopus
and Swimming Scallop see Wrinkled
Dove Shell and Leafy Hommouth
Frilled Dog-winkle and Blue Top
Snail—Northern Abalone and
Speckled Limpet—Red-flecked
Chiton and Giant Sunflower Star—
see all of this and nowhere the stain
of bitumen in the endless days to come

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


because we have damaged it so badly
because of accumulation
because of plastic
because of our cars and motorcycles and trucks
            and RVs and speed boats and
because  of mining metals and smart phones
because we see it but keep doing it
because we find it too easy
because of the sleep called entertainment
because of airplanes and the beauty of the world
            and hotels and beaches in pictures
because of the distance between home and work
because of fruit in winter and a lack of canning
because of highways and innovations in paving
because we are longing
because of the creation of scarcity and want
because of the movie
because of the song
because we weren’t told to think we were told
            to go shopping
because our leaders get paid
because there are those who can pay for
anything and everything and they will
because of the media they own
because of our leaders they own
because of us
because we can change but don’t or haven’t
because of the frog and the pot

Monday, October 15, 2012


Folks they were always
here before erasures
no one should have to
face came ashore and
what is a pipeline? What
is an inlet where oil
fills fishing grounds
and rivers wash down
globs of bitumen to spawn
in synthetic seas
but the continuation
of centuries of colonization?

gathered from all around
see this parliament’s a shell
washed up on a beach with
nothing in it not even sound—
see this oil company it’s
only money burning money
to make money for no ends—
and see this massive crowd
forming—it’s called the people
and the people are coming to
decolonize and to defend